Trade Deadline: Starting Pitching Targets For Dodgers

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Contestant #3: Cliff Lee
It seems the Dodgers have been chasing Lee forever. It would make sense that they’d land him half a decade after he was one of the hottest commodities on the market.

What The Phillies Might Want: Joc Pederson, Julio Urias, Chris Anderson

No doubt Philly would be aggressive in negotiations in dealing Lee, as he still has a good deal of value despite his age and contract. He’s the type of short-term solution the Dodgers would love to get without dealing all of their top prospects.

What The Phillies Might Take: Joc Pederson, Zach Lee

Cliff will be 36 in August and still has around $50 million on his contract thanks to an absurd $12.5 million buyout for his $27.5 million club option in 2016. I’m sure the Dodgers would love to get Cliff without giving up a top prospect, and may have the opportunity to do so by taking on the entirety of his remaining salary. In this scenario, they still give up Pederson.

Deal or No Deal: Phone A Friend

Ok, I’m cheating. And yes, the Phone-A-Friend isn’t even from the same game show. Like I said, I don’t watch Deal or No Deal regularly. This would be a tough decision: do you give up a guy like Pederson to have an amazing top four in the rotation for the next year and two months?

Personally, I wouldn’t. However, this could be the difference between getting a ring and coming up short. If there was any chance the Dodgers could land Cliff without giving up Pederson, Seager or Urias, they’d be foolish to pass it up.

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