Trade Deadline: Starting Pitching Targets For Dodgers

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Surprise Guest: Ian Kennedy

Now now, hear me out. Yes, he’s the guy who gave Yasiel Puig a close shave. And yes, did nearly hit Zack Greinke in the head. But if Juan Marichal could one day become a Dodger…

Kennedy is having a very good season. Sure, he’s pitching in the Grand Canyon and could see a drop in his numbers if he’s dealt, but he still figures to be a good No. 3 on any club and would give the Dodgers the deepest rotation in baseball.

What The Padres Might Want: Zach Lee, Alex Guerrero

Kennedy is the one pitcher I’m confident who wouldn’t necessitate dealing a top prospect. That said, he’s still a valuable asset and will require a good player or two.

What The Padres Might Take: Alex Guerrero, Scott Schebler

The Padres have a historically bad offense this season and are in desperate need of bats. Getting a guy who’s nearly ready to play in the Majors like Guerrero and someone who should be ready within a year in Schebler, will help offset the loss of Chase Headley, who returned a whole lot of not a lot from the Yankees. The Dodgers would likely have to pay a portion of Guerrero’s contract in order to make this work.

Deal or No Deal: DEAL

Guerrero may be the odd man out in the Dodgers’ infield. He’s limited defensively and currently blocked by Dee Gordon. Schebler is another guy who doesn’t figure to make his major league debut with the Dodgers but should reach the majors within the next few seasons.

Kennedy is under team control for 2015 as well. This trade could very well depend on whether or not Greinke gives his blessing.
Dodgers May Be In Line To Get Bullpen Help From Boston Red Sox

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