UPDATE: Dodgers-Reds Chapman Deal Not Quite Done

My honest response as soon as I saw Mark Sheldon’s (the Cincinnati Reds beat reporter) tweets: OH COME ON.

Get used to this, folks. The MLB Winter Meetings are under way and this is just how the “news” is going to work all week pretty much.

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Here are Sheldon’s tweets, explaining the situation between the Dodgers, Reds and whoever else is involved in the trade thus far.



Repeat after me: OH COME ON.

Reports have been floated about who might be going back to the Reds from the Dodgers, and those “multiple teams” Sheldon mentions might collectively all wondered how the Dodgers were able to make the move without giving up any pitching prospects.

Now, we don’t know how far along the deal was before someone backed out, but it sounded earlier this morning like Chapman was Los Angeles-bound.

We’ll do our best to keep you posted, but the situation is incredibly fluid.

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