Video: Clayton Kershaw Gets In Early Workout Alone At Fenway Park

The words of Clayton Kershaw following the 2017 World Series will stick with me forever. I knew when I read them how badly this man craves the one thing that escapes him and his brothers; a championship.

“Maybe one of these days I won’t fail, we won’t fail and we’ll win one of these things,’’ Kershaw said “There’s only one team that can succeed. There’s only one team that wins the last game, so that’s tough.”

And then I read this article. My heart ached even more for the Dodgers once and present ace – and I realized how paramount it is for him to win it all in Dodger Blue. Make sure you click that link.

On Sunday, the Dodgers arrived in Boston to prepare for the World Series opener, set for Tuesday night. A small intricacy was taken in by a camera at Fenway Park. Here you have the scientist who has accomplished so much – working while you relax – to perfect his craft.

It is a small yet vivid reminder that Kershaw knows what exactly is at stake. One more go around with his band of brothers, and one more chance to not fail. An opportunity for his legacy as a Dodger to be cemented for eternity. If you had any unreasonable doubt in regards to Kershaw’s drive or where his heart is at, this quiet video says so much.

Take him at his word – he’s not thinking about where he will be pitching beyond Tuesday evening when he opposes Chris Sale. And then, once the Dodgers have grabbed the pantheon in the sport; maybe Kershaw will think about 2019 and beyond.

For now, this video tells me his focus is dialed in on the ultimate prize.

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