VIDEO: Justin Turner Plays Hero; Makes The Day of Young Dodgers Fan

Sometimes in baseball, a player can connect with a fan in a way that no other sport allows. It’s easy to forget the human element in the game. There are times when you must remind yourself: these players are more than just one tangible number or set of numbers. In terms of heroics, Justin Turner has done it between the white lines. His charitable and charming personality span far beyond any act he will accomplish on a baseball field. This guy is a quality person – and it didn’t take long within his return from injury to show just that.

Meet the two-year old who wants to ‘kiss Turner’s boo-boo’. As a father to a two-year old son, this is not only cute; but impressive that any child that age understands that a player was injured. The child conveys emotion. He loves Justin Turner, and he wants to make him all better.

Proof exists to all of us that these players read our tweets. They have emotions just like you and I. Especially Justin Turner. Turner had a little surprise tucked away for the Dodgers’ return home on Monday night against the Colorado Rockies.

You can almost hear the legendary Vin Scully telling during the telecast if he was still working. The boy and his father Andrew were invited by Turner himself to Monday night’s game on twitter. Don’t be shocked if Turner’s first home run of the season happens in that ballgame – not to set up a tall order for Red Dream or anything.

Justin Turner, Hero

With so much occurring in our world each day that works to drag you down, things like this exist everywhere to make you smile. These players are so much more than just that; they’re good people. The longer you’re a Dodgers fan, you begin to see why you care so much about their success. We are emotionally tied to them because they give us reasons to feel such a way.

Turner is a phenomenal ballplayer that helps the Dodgers win a lot of games. It’s saying something that he’s an even better human being. Shine on, Justin. You’ve done well here.

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