Vin Scully Memorable Moments and Life After Broadcasting

On October 2nd, 2016, Vin Scully will take one last trip to the broadcast booth to call his final Dodgers game.

Over the course of 67 years of broadcasting for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin has complied numerous historical calls that will forever be immortalized in not only Dodgers history, but Major League Baseball history.

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In an interview today on The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz, Vin described one his most embarrassing moments behind the microphone.

Vin also shared his reasons why this year will be his final year calling games for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The voice of Los Angeles with question will forever be Vin Scully and if you ask any baseball expert, “who is the voice of baseball?”, the answer will be none other than Vin. Dodgers fans have been fortunate and lucky enough to have Vin paint a perfect picture through the radio and into living rooms all across Los Angeles for over 50 years.

In A Night With Vin Scully on A.M 570, relive Vin’s greatest moments from his Gibsons home run call to his Hall of Fame speech.

Vin at his Hall of Fame speech explains how he reached the metaphorical mountain top:

..for 33 years the good Lord has allowed me to do what I’ve always wanted to do, broadcast my favorite game. He has allowed me to climb my mountain. And today thanks to the Ford C. Frick Award, I thank you for sharing this moment with me because believe me today, I have saw the sea.

Vin again on leaving the broadcast booth:

I saw Mel Allen leave the Yankees, I saw Red Barber leave the Dodgers, I saw Russ Hodges leave the Giants, I saw Harry Carry leave the Cubs, I saw Jack Buck leave the Cardinals. And you know what? Not one of those teams missed a game. They kept on playin, the fans kept on goin, and I will just go along where they are and be very happy and privileged to be in that company.

Broadcasters will come and go but there will never be another, Vin Scully. To listen to the full program click the link below.

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Written by Frank Avalos


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