WATCH: Chase Utley’s Confusing Ejection

During the 9th inning on Saturday night, Chase Utley got ejected while playing second base. Several fans, players, and coaches were very confused. Watch here:


After the game, Chase indirectly made it pretty clear as to what happened. He described it as a learning experience for both he and the umpire in question. A very common problem for middle infielders is the positioning of the umpires and the umpires interfering with their sightline.  Chase said that he asked the umpire to move several times during the game and was rejected every time, Finally, Chase voiced his opinions and Umpire Ramon De Jesus didn’t want to hear it and sent Chase home early.


Chase didn’t seem too hyped up about it, however, that was ejection number 132 in MLB this season, and it seems like such a petty thing to eject someone for. Of course, we don’t know the umpire’s part of the story, but MLB ejections are on the rise, even with the input of video replay.


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  1. Why is the umpire positioned in front of the infield players at all? Shouldn’t he be behind the second baseman?

  2. This umpire should be disciplined for failing to cooperate with Utley. He’s not there to interfere with a player’s ability to do his job.

  3. If the umpire were in my way, I would ask for him/her to move. I think it would be the players right. The umpire should be able to do his/her job from several locations (even more so with video review available). And, with all of the shifts now employed by the defense, this may well happen more often – as players are even less likely to play every batter in the same position as they once did.

  4. Modern day umpiring is ruining the game. Most umpires want to be part of the show & decide the outcome of a game. A great umpire is never known to exist during a game.

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