WATCH: Ken Rosenthal Analyzes Dodgers Pressure to Trade for Darvish

Arguably the most intelligent and respected reporter in the world that is Major League Baseball, Ken Rosenthal gives his insight on how the Dodgers are approaching the possible trade for Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers.

If Friedman and company can get him at a price they deem acceptable, they’ll do it. But this notion that the Dodgers need Darvish; can’t win the World Series without Darvish… Please. We all know the postseason is a crapshoot, even when you’ve got the best rotation, even when you’ve got the best team.

Rosenthal gives great insight as to how Darvish would no doubt make the Dodgers a better team, but guarantees them nothing as the MLB playoffs are known to be a crapshoot.

He proceeds to talk about how the Dodgers would most likely not part with Verdugo and/or Buehler, as the team believes that both could be a part of their success this season.

Their top two prospects at the moment are outfielder Alex Verdugo and pitcher Walker Buehler. It’s doubtful they would part with either for a rental such as Darvish when the Dodgers believe that both could contribute at the Major League club this season.

The question it all comes down to is if the cost of Darvish worth too much for what he brings to the club this season.

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Written by Trevor Vernola


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  1. We won’t admit it but the problem over the years has been Kershaw who just can’t get it done in the playoffs. The worst era in playoff history over 10 or more games. We need a number one not number 2 or 3. It’s not a stretch that we’d have a couple of world series with Baumgartner instead of merch.

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