WATCH: Koda Glover and Yasiel Puig Cause Benches to Clear Tuesday

Washington Nationals closer Koda Clover struck out Yasiel Puig to end Tuesday’s game.

As Puig began walking back to the dugout, he looked back towards the mound. As we all know, Puig is known as the guy who is not allowed to look at anyone. Just ask Madison Bumgarner.

Glover did not take kindly to Yasiel laying his eyes on him and proceeded to start the second coming of “Don’t look at me” which fueled the fire under the Dodgers last season.

It seems as though you can sense the bias from the Nationals’ broadcast team in the video but hey, the Dodgers are 1-0 since this happened so maybe it actually does light the fire under the offense.

Written by Trevor Vernola


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