What of Dodgers Baseball Are We Most Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving, Dodgers Nation! We asked ourselves (the staff) and you guys what aspect of Dodgers baseball we were most thankful for. You answered.

I’m just going to let the answers stand for themselves. Wherever you are spending your Thanksgiving, I hope it is filled with joy and blessings.

Staff Answers

Kevin Perez-Allen @Kevisyourfriend: “Back-to-back World Series appearances.”

Tim Rodgers @SDDodger: “I am thankful to have the Dodgers as a team I am proud to follow. They aren’t perfect. Since my kids don’t play anymore the Dodgers give me a a team to care about and keep some competitive juices going.”

Brook Smith @brookme3: “I am thankful that we have a front office that does not feel pressured by fans into making moves that hurt us in the long run. They have been very level-headed about their approach over the last couple of years, and I think they have made a ton of great calls. We have not had to sell off the farm or spend an arm and a leg on anyone really, and we’ve been competitive for quite some time. I appreciate you, Friedman!”

Clint Evans @DiamondHoggers: “The pearly white home uniforms. And Bellinger”

AJ Gonzalez @AJontheguitar: “The class of our organization and it’s good history. Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela–there’s a lot of barriers that Dodger players have broken. Obviously no one bigger than Jackie has contributed to the social aspect of society–but Koufax and Valenzuela represent a huge sense of pride for two under-represented communities. Beyond the social aspects: We’re good. We win a lot every year despite the lack of Championship recently. Our logo STILL looks good and has barely changed, same as our uniform. We had Vin Scully, the undisputed GOAT, and then we get Joe Davis who is bar far my favorite broadcast after Vinny. His chemistry with another Dodger legend, the bulldog is great. I could go on forever and it appears I have. The Dodgers just have class. Also–for me Dodger fandom is a family thing. I love my family and they LOVE the Dodgers.”


Your Answers!

I picked some of the best answers I saw on our twitter post. Dodgers Nation continues to be heartfelt, hilarious, and snarky.

We are all most thankful of you guys. Thank you for being the best and most loyal fans in sports!


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  1. The dodgers should be thankful that their fans continue to give them all their money for ridiculously high prices for everything in exchange for World Series losses and sure to be raised again next year after another debacle

  2. I am thankful for Dodger Stadium. I’ve been going to Dodger games for 55 years at the Ravine and I get excited every time I drive through the gates to the stadium. The atmosphere at almost every Dodger game is exciting and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Every time I see Dodger Stadium it brings back such happy memories. Yes, there’s been our share of disappointments over the years, but many more times when the game has been unforgettable. When I die, I’m hoping my friends will sprinkle some of my ashes on the warning track so that I can be a part of Dodger Stadium forever

    • Damon, you are blessed to attend games-I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1954 (64 yrs, at 10 years of age), and I have only been able to attend 3 Dodger games-one in Houston and two at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are my favorite sports team! Mr Mel,from Castroville (Texas)/Selah!(Stop, Think about this, Reflect on it!)