Wild Card Series Preview: Dodgers vs Brewers, Weak Offense, Great Bullpen (with BJ Degroot)

The stage is set and the Dodgers will face off against the Brewers and if we’re honest, we don’t know all that much about the Brew Crew in 2020 thanks to the regional schedule.

For more on Milwaukee’s ballclub, we turned to Wisconsin sports radio host BJ Degroot to help fill in the blanks. Degroot hosts AM1570’s BJ and the Bear mornings in WI. And if you ask BJ, the fans there are much more tuned into the 3-0 Packers in the NFL.

Despite the apparent love lost for the Brewers, in a three-game Wild Card series, anything is possible. Even with their ace injured and on the shelf.

WATCH: Wild Card Series Preview: Dodgers vs Brewers, “This Team Has Been Putrid this Year” (with BJ Degroot)

This marks the second playoff matchup between the Dodgers and Brewers in three years. Of course, the Dodgers outlasted Milwaukee in 2018’s crazy NLCS that went 7 games. With each team having underachieving former NL MVPs on their rosters, the fate of the 2020 Wild Card may be on who can break out of their slump first.

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  1. This format is a little concerning for the Dodgers. On paper they should walk away with it. Their the leaders in games won, HR’s, runs and highest run differential. But one key component that gives the Brewers a big edge is that the Crew have the better manager when tough decisions have to be made timely and late in a game.