Without Vin Scully, the Dodgers Found Gold With Joe Davis

When Vin Scully called his last Los Angeles Dodgers game on October 2, 2016, many fans didn’t know what to expect in the broadcasting booth going forward.

The team faced the unenviable task of replacing Scully who’s name, after 67 seasons calling games for the boys in blue, had become almost synonymous with the Dodgers.

Vin was special. His soothing voice and ability to paint a picture in the collective minds of fans was second to none. There’s no way to replace someone like that, who meant so much to the organization as a whole. Yet, in retrospect, the decision to fill the team’s broadcasting hole with Joe Davis has gone just about as perfectly as possible.

Davis’ presence in the booth with Orel Hershiser has been one of the most welcomed surprises for the Dodgers over the past couple years. His voice and style, while obviously different from Scully’s, has made this transition, one that most everyone dreaded for years, go as seamlessly as possible.

One of the things that set Vin apart from the rest was his ability to make even the most boring and mundane moments interesting. Sure, we all remember, or have heard the big calls like Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series, “In a season that has been so improbable the impossible has happened!” But Scully could make even a Wednesday afternoon game in the middle of May seem just as significant and memorable.

In his own way, this is exactly what Davis has brought to the Dodgers play-by-play. And, in very special moments, it can sometimes almost feel like Scully never left.

When he was hired, Davis himself said that there’s no way to replace someone like Vin. While that’s true, he’s done as good of a job as anyone in filling the void.

His Presence on Social Media

Another welcomed aspect of his tenure has been his willingness to interact with fans, both in person and on social media platforms such as Twitter.

On numerous occasions, he’s happily invited fans through Twitter to meet him near the broadcasting booth after a Dodgers game. Along with that, he often responds to fan’s questions and embraces Scully’s legacy at seemingly every opportunity he gets.

Just a few years ago, the thought of a game without Vin’s voice was almost unimaginable. Now, a game without Davis’ feels like a letdown.

The Dodgers got this hire right, and hopefully, we’ll have the privilege to enjoy Davis for many years to come.

Written by Kellan Grant

I’m currently a junior at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and I have a passion for sports journalism. I grew up in the LA area and am a diehard fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, Kings. My favorite Dodgers memory was watching Kershaw tear up after the team won the 2017 NLCS and advanced to the World Series for the first time in his career. After college, I plan on either pursuing a career as a sports journalist or working in sports law.


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  1. Sorry. I listened to Vin since I was a kid in Tucson AZ with the transistor radio in my ear listening after I went to bed and wept that October day at Dodger Stadium in 2017 when Vin broadcasted his final Dodger game. Joe could become Vin sometime in his next 65 years of broadcasting Dodger baseball but for now he’s OK, he’s learning , he’s using social media.

    • He definitely still has a long way to go, and no one could live up to Vin. However, I think he’s done a great job so far!

  2. Davis is excellent you can’t fault him for not living up to Vin no one ever could but I love hearing Joe. BTW in Vin’s call of Gibby’s HR he said “year” not “season” gotta get it right please lol.

  3. Is there any way to communicate with Joe Davis besides Twitter? a separate email address maybe?

  4. Strongly agree. That said we need much more from Joe and much less of Orel’s incessant jabber.

  5. The Dodgers made the right choice in hiring Joe Davis. He calls a nice game. I will not compare any other announcer to Mr. Scully, the Voice of the Dodgers. Its unfair to elevate Davis to that position until he has paid his dues. Mr. Scully put me to bed many a night calling LA Dodger games; and in my youth, his stories about my Boys from Brooklyn were something I looked forward to daily. For now, Mr. Scully is the standard by which all baseball announcers are measured. Quite a gentleman that Mr. Scully!!!! Go Blue!!

  6. Joe Kelly and Orel are awful announcers .So uninteresting way too much about pitching and their likes and dislikes hardly any history of the game or players and all their little talks about their likes and dislikes they are AWFUL AWFUL.

      • You are apparently too young not only to have fully savored Vinny, but to remember Jon Miller or Joe Morgan or…numerous others. Believe me, I love our BLUE, but Joe, despite his efforts, is a shrill, young car salesman. And, Orel (thank you for ’88 OH,) but he overanalyzes WAY TOO MUCH.

    • Agree to disagree. Also, this article is about Joe Davis, not Joe Kelly. Probably just a simple mix up!

  7. I have been pleasantly suprised with Joe Davis, but no one will ever replace Vin not that your saying that inthis article, at least my older sons got to grow up hearing Vin as well as my older daughters, now my youngest her Vin will be Joe Davis he is doing an outstanding job so far us Dodger fans really lucked out with him I’m an Orel fan but not so much on his broadcasting, i can do without him, i could just have Joe Davis alone. Plus i do like how interactive Joe is on Twitter with us fans.

  8. i love Joe he is good he just need experience to better and Orel is icing on the cake he is so down to earth plus he has seen it done that won that love him he is old school but learning ???????

  9. To all the fans complaining – you couldn’t do what Joe is doing, so seriously quit complaining and move on. What were you really expecting? Just listen to some of the other teams’ announcing and you will be grateful for Joe. He’s done an awesome job and been nothing but humble and interactive with Dodgers fans and the history of the franchise. Plus, Vin announced with partners plenty in the past, you just don’t realize it because he didn’t at the end. The game has changed and there won’t be another Vin. Joe is great and Orel is too. Enough complaining.

  10. “Forget about it” as Joe would say calling a homer by our boys – the Dodgers hit a homer when they hired Joe to call the games. He is doing fantastic and we love that Orel is with him in the booth. They work together well and complement each other. We love listening to them call a game!

  11. Joe has done a decent job replacing Vin but Nomar is better than Orel. My biggest complaint with these two guys is their constant banter about what they do and do not like and their life situations. I’ve heard that Joe is still renting, Orel told me about his birthday party. I’ve heard about the foods and wines they like, their favorite songs, what movies they go to and how much Orel doesn’t know about the net and Lady Gaga. I wouldn’t mind some pop culture thrown into the mix but make it about the players, managers and coaches, not yourselves. How about a little Charley Styner once in a while?

  12. While Vin was the best ever, he was making more mistakes toward the end, calling players by the wrong name and getting the number of outs wrong. That’s understandable for a man in his late 80s. Joe Davis doesn’t do that as much. Also, Vin was never a cheerleader for the Dodgers, which I liked. Joe Davis does it a little bit but Orel is over the top with his cheer leading, It’s very unprofessional. I prefer Nomar to Orel. Not nearly as much of a cheerleader and much better analysis.

  13. It’s amazing how bad all of your grammar is. Your daily comments are a tough read and what’s amazing is that you’re all grown adults. In case there was any confusion I’m not talking about the commenters not the writers

  14. I agree Dodger announcers have taken on role of cheerleaders and homers. This have never happened when Vin was broadcasting

  15. Been listenint to Vin my whole 67 years. Davis is good and going to be great. He would be great alone in the booth . . . or with anyone other than the blathering Orel Hershiser.

  16. Not many of us can see and/or hear Mr Davis’ account of the game, due to the ridiculous Spectrum ransom to the broadcast rights.

  17. In the words of Vin Scully ,we went from the “penthouse to the basement” with Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser as announcers

  18. I couldn’t agree more! Davis is such an incredible broadcaster. It’s a shame that a large portion of the fan base still isn’t able to enjoy his broadcast on a regular basis. The situation with Spectrum is infuriating.

  19. I agree that Joe Davis is great but Hershiser has got to go, not only does he blather on about stuff that doesn’t matter but his voice is irritating. Nasal and whiny. Kirk Gibson would be a much better guy in there, AND he’s funny.

  20. I have listened to Vin Scully since I was a very small child; went to all of the games at the Coliseum before Dodger Stadium was even built and have met (and know personally) *many* of Baseball’s Greats…INCLUDING Vin. I miss him probably more than the average fan. No one will ever come close.
    BUT…..I honestly don’t know why there are SO MANY negative Comments about Orel Hershiser’s broadcasting. It is true that he *and Joe* talk about many things while they are still able to call the games. And as far as I am concerned, if I were a pitcher, I would be a *much better* pitcher for having listened to Orel’s detailed analysis. What many of you fail to hear is the happy banter between the two men, *both* of whom adore Vin Scully and *both* of whom revere him and do not seek to replace him. THAT could never happen.

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