Yasmani Grandal “Unlikely” to Return to Dodgers

In news just about everyone already assumed, Yasmani Grandal has likely played his last game with the Dodgers.

While the rumors on Grandal have been slow this winter, Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports had a blurb about him in a recent article.

 Yasmani Grandal, who statistically is the best catcher in the game over the last four years, is said to have four years somewhere if he wants it.

He went on to say that “one rival exec” — which is one of the more played out phrases in baseball this time of year — predicted he’d get $60M for four years.

With several catchers having already signed contracts this offseason, you wonder what his market stands as we approach 2019. He was, however, recently voted the most likely to sign with a team next on a mlbtraderumors poll, so take that as you may.

Combine that and the 4-year deal in hand with the noted mystery team, and we add up that Grandal will be suiting up elsewhere in 2019 and beyond.

Yasmani’s market has undoubtedly been slowed by the qualifying offer attached to him, which has led to some whispers that perhaps he could return to Los Angeles on a 1-year deal. But a rumor like that makes little sense for the 30 year-old catcher that Mike Petriello of recently call “as good or better than Realmuto” in 2018.

As much as the Dodgers are still hurting for a catcher — review the catching depth and more here in this piece — a reunion is very likely out of the question. But his trip through free agency is something to keep an eye on, if he’s still on the market come February.

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  1. The only way Grandal returns to the Dodgers is if no other team makes him an offer. Boo’d off the field by Dodgers fans in LA and benched by Roberts in 2 consecutive post seasons, I don’t believe Grandal wants anything to do with Dodgers. If he has a 4 year deal in hand he should sign ASAP.

    • SoCal, I must agree with you, my friend. Grandal might be better than what we eventually obtain, but he will not settle for a one year deal. However, he might for a 2-3 year deal with an opt-out after two. This would give us time to really develop Wong and Ruiz and the other young catcher fully – or use one in a deal. For some reason a Realmuto deal makes no sense to me as we presently have so many young catchers waiting in the wings. Acquiring Cervalli would IMHO fit the team;s purposes.
      Hope you are having a good holiday!!!! Go Blue!!!

    • Socal……as usual I have to agree with you……….”Passed Ball Grandal” did not perform well overall this season and people calling him one of the best catchers in baseball or “as good as Realmuto or better” must not have been watching the Dodgers games with an objective eye ball. I would argue that Grandal’s slipping performance in this years playoffs, , his failures, offensively AND defensively, they resulted in Barnes having to replace him in the lineup yet again. Grandal’s absence from an offensive standpoint was one of the big reasons the Dodgers world series lineup was not able to keep up with the Red Sox. His career here has run it’s course and he knows it.

      • I have never cared for Grandal and last season was really difficult to watch. How many times did he miss-play throws from OF’ers and INF’ers; fail to find ball right at his feet; allow pitches in dirt to get past him; etc.? A team that signs him to a multi-year deal is going to be very disappointed.

  2. I honestly believe the Dodgers would resign Grandal but probably only two years giving Diaz or Smith more time to develop. He’s a good catcher still and one of the best hitting catchers in MLB.

    • I would be shocked if Grandal signed for one year and two years is unthinkable. I don’t think Grandal wants to return to Dodgers as it would be humiliating considering how he was benched by team in consecutive post seasons.

  3. Another HR or strikeout guy? NO thanks. Pitch framing a plus, balls in the dirt not so much. Give us a guy who can get a base hit in the clutch instead of swinging at a ball a foot out of the strike zone please.

  4. So tired of this clown being in the middle of the lineup. Just about the worst hitter to have up with men on he’s a choke artist swinging for the downs but not only that he strikes out on horrible pitches and when the games matter most he’s even worse if that’s possible

  5. His numbers are worse than black and white. He is a non clutch player. Missing catches at home on throws from the outfield when it’s needed the most. No stat for that. He’s pretty much striking out with runners on. I would rather see Barnes who is clearly better defensively.

  6. I agree with most of you, but let’s keep in mind, he played too many games due to Barnes being such a horrible back up catcher. He was overused. If anyone has ever catcher you’d know it is the toughest position to play day in and day out. He was still the best catcher in the mlb.

  7. Was there a closure or a shutdown of a Dodger web site somewhere?
    There’s been a sudden onslaught of comments, and they seem to be from people familiar with each other, and they have been pretty negative.
    Please don’t bring the cancer here.

    • That is exactly why they were shutdown over there. They aren’t all negative some are just extremely repetitive like Paul with his daily comments about the same exact thing. I can tell you he’s posted that LHP thing for years, daily