After A 10 Year Run With The Title, Osama Bin Laden Finally Falls!

Yesterday, it was brought to all of our attention that Osama Bin Laden has been shot in the face during a raid. You can see photos of his lair here. The President announced this news on May 1st 2011, exactly 60 years after Adolf Hitler was announced dead. As of now, there are no photos or videos released of the actual raid or death, however I’m sure they’ll eventually surface.


I apologize for this being non baseball related, but this is an important date in American history.

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Proud Dodgers Fan since 1981. I wanted to start since 3rd grade, unfortunately the internet wasn't ready for us and we had to wait. Today I like to write about rumors and news surrounding our Dodgers!

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  1. Sportscorp

    Tag he’s it! Don’t mess with the greatest country in the world! Hopefully, this brings a measure of closure to the families of the thousands of American & Muslim he has killed. Thanks to the men & women of our military who fight every day to keep us free!


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