Thus far this offseason, the Dodgers have made a total of two deals. If it feels like they’ve done more, it’s because they have, kind of.

The latest deal to fall through is their reported 3 year, $45 million agreement with Hisashi Iwakuma, who reportedly failed his physical, putting any deal under its current constructs on hold.

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Ken Rosenthal broke the news.

He continues…

It was slightly odd that the reported agreement occurred, then more than a week later, no official announcement had been made. So, while obviously disappointing, Thursday morning’s news isn’t all that shocking. Other options have since been floated, as well.  

And, finally, the Los Angeles Times’ Dylan Hernandez says his sources are telling nothing has been called off completely.

So, with the Dodgers reportedly backing-out-but-not-really-completely from Aroldis Chapman and now doing the same with Iwakuma, this offseason has been hectic, but aside from yesterday’s trade, rather fruitless thus far.

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