With the 2016 season over, the L.A. Dodgers have some tough decisions to make for their 2017 season roster. Corey Seager and Kenley Jansen were named to the NL All-Star team for 2016 by Sporting News and the future of the Dodgers infield is uncertain.

Dodgers Nation:

Local Blogs and Media:

  • World Series-starved Dodgers didn’t get where they want to go, but Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman like where they are | LA Times
  • Dodgers Dugout: Breaking down the Game 6 loss | LA Times

National Media:

  • Dodgers Weren’t Good Enough In 2016, Might Not Be In 2017 Either, Should Listen To The Howard | FORBES
  • Dodgers’ 2016 recipe abandons them at the worst possible time | ESPN

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