With Walker Buehler stealing early spring headlines, it’s easy to forget the Dodgers roster the electric talent of Julio Urias. On the other hand, Dave Roberts isn’t about to let us forget about Urias.

The Dodgers manager talked to Alanna Rizzo of Sportsnet LA about Buehler’s spring workload and Urias’ 2019 expectations.

Rizzo asked Roberts how a pitcher like Urias prepares for the regular season. In the event that he doesn’t open the season as a starting pitcher, what is the expectation there?

“I think with Julio we certainly see him as a starter, and he’s had a different unique sort of path. Given the injury piece, his path has been a little bit different. Standing right here as of today, we see him as a starter. With the workload he’s had the last couple of years, we have to be mindful of that. So he’s not a full-go yet.”

Still, it is interesting to hear that Roberts is adamant that Urias’ long-term future is as a starting pitcher. From the best we can tell, the organization has never wavered in that stance. Equally important – Roberts wouldn’t say that Urias won’t begin the season on the 25-man roster as a reliever.

Roberts assured the Dodgers fanbase that Buehler is ‘right on track’ for the regular season and a regular workload. Moreover, he said a light workload for Buehler is the best thing for him through spring, and that the pitcher and organization are on the same page of understanding.

It’s certain that 29 other organizations would love to have the issue of two electric young arms to manage perfectly. Given that the Dodgers are the only team in this position, we are all fortunate.

One of the best aspects of this spring training will be seeing the roles of Buehler and Urias carved out. They are integral pieces of the 2019 Dodgers, and a lightning rod of excitement every time they are given mention.

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