Yay, more power rankings before the season even begins! You’re sick of them, we’re sick of them, everyone’s sick of them, but they’re still things that need to be discussed simply because, well, internet! Anyways, Bleacher Report released their rankings, and the Los Angeles Dodgers were disrespected.

Maybe “disrespected” isn’t the right word, but they were definitely undervalued by a wide margin considering where they were ranked in comparison to some of the other teams on the list that showed up ahead of them for some reason. So, where did the Dodgers rank? Well, it wasn’t inside the top ten.

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From Joel Reuter, a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report:

However, there’s not a clear-cut No. 2 starter in that group, and the team is relying heavily on Kazmir and Maeda to exceed expectations if the rotation is to once again be a strength.

That one segment, as well as the following one about the bullpen and it being a “question mark”, ended up putting the Dodgers 14th on Bleacher Report’s rankings list. So, there is that. If you’re wondering about some of the teams that were above them, then wonder no more.

The St. Louis Cardinals came in at fifth and the Texas Rangers were fourth, which is hilariously too high for either squad, while the San Francisco Giants were third. There’s no way there are 11 spots between the Dodgers and Giants, let alone more than three if you’re ranking the Giants ahead of them.

This isn’t to tear down the list, but simply to disagree with the notion that the Dodgers are a middle-of-the-pack team going into the season. Los Angeles possesses the talent to be a top ten, if not top five, team throughout the year, so to have them right in the middle is just odd to see right now.

As the season plays out, we’ll get a greater sense of where the team actually sits, but for now, this ranking definitely seems far too low. We’ll see what happens, though.

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    Sorry Russo. They are ranked where they should be. Thanks to Firedman and Farty.

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    More proof you are a total idiot with a 5th grade education.


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