Heading into this spring a couple names jumped off any page in terms of interest of the fan base: Corey Seager and Julio Urias.

The attention makes sense, when you consider how rare it is that teammates both are named as top-five prospect in all of baseball. So far, Seager’s spring is off to a fairly mediocre start and, now we might have a date for when Urias might make his spring debut.

ICYMI: Dodgers’ Top Prospects May Get Early Call Due to Rotation Injuries

This, via True Blue L.A.’s Eric Stephen:

So far, the Dodgers’ pitching prospects have fared quite well, especially compared to those playing in the field. This would make sense, as hitters have no way to face live pitching in their offseason, and require a little time to get back into a rhythm. 

Pitchers, on the other hand, can work on their craft a little easily, as they can gauge their pitch quality numerically. 

Urias makes up the last of the Dodgers who fans are really looking forward to seeing who we don’t already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. After this, it’s about adjust what needs adjusting or doing more of whatever might be working. 

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