19 year olds aren’t supposed to dominate. They’re not supposed to be so obscenely good that they take each league they go into by storm. They’re not supposed to be the smartest, sharpest, and most talented players. But here we are with Julio Urias.

The southpaw from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico has taken the minors, and baseball, by the horns. He came into 2015 rated as the 10th best prospect by Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus, as well as 8th overall by MLB.com. Now? He’s back at the top of another list.

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From Jonathan Mayo on MLB.com:

1. Julio Urias, Dodgers
He doesn’t turn 20 until August, and he’s already knocking on the door. Urias has an outstanding combination of stuff and pitchability well beyond his years. He has three plus pitches with outstanding command. The only thing he doesn’t have is innings. Urias has yet to top even 90 innings in a season, but that shouldn’t hold him back for too long.

This was from the list for the best left-handed pitchers in the minors. Urias is numero uno.

Urias is 6’2″ and 205 pounds of amazement. He pitched 80.1 innings across four levels of the minors in 2015. Urias was often the youngest player at each level, and that included Double-A where he finished with a 2.77 ERA in 68.1 innings while striking out 74 batters and walking just 15.

Make no mistake about it, the talented lefty is a wunderkind. Urias features a fastball, curveball, and changeup. All three are projected to be plus pitches, which is fantastic.

Combined with the pitch arsenal, his command, and natural talent, it seems as if Urias is destined for greatness. The only issue is his innings, as noted by Mayo. He’s never pitched 90 innings in a season, and that’s something he’ll need to start doing. But that doesn’t impact his long-term potential at all.

As of now, Urias will begin 2016 in the minors. There’s an outside possibility that he could be a September call-up when the rosters expand. Either way, he’s on his way. Just sit back and watch him grow.

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  1. Mrjem

    I’ve been following him for about 2 years now and he’s a gem, I’m so glad the Dodgers decided to hold on to him and not trade in previous runs in the playoffs. There’s a reason every team was asking for him in every trade. Despite his obvious talent, his composure and maturity for a pitcher his age is rare. Not only that he’s overcame so many obstacles at only 19, he had a tumor in his left which many scouts feared it would affect his vision. But the Dodgers took a chance on him, paid for his surgery and now he’s looking better than ever. I can’t wait to see the wonderful story of this finally come to fruition.


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