Clayton Kershaw has spent the last three years pitching under the comfort (though he rarely needed it) of having Zack Greinke to follow him up after a “poor” start. Again, though, Kershaw rarely needed the luxury.

Both guys relished putting the franchise on their back in their starts, something that you could easily see bringing them together as competitors or friends, even.

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On his way to the Winter Meetings, new Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spent a few days with Kershaw, and Greinke came up.

This, via The Orange County Register’s Bill Plunkett:

The quote makes sense. Of course Kershaw is disappointed to see Greinke go, both in terms of the team dynamic and as someone Kershaw has grown close to from all accounts.

That said, it is promising that Kershaw seems to have accepted the explanation he got from management and his manager. Now, though, it’s time for everyone to try to move on, and there are few better ways to take your mind off of departures than potential arrivals.

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  1. Darviathar

    Clayton, just go out and shut his Arizona team out in the opener next April.  Hopefully LA will knock Greinke out of the game in the 3rd inning, that traitor.


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