Dodgers fans’ hearts bounced a brief Tuesday night when it was reported the negotiations between Kenta Maeda and the team had hit a snag.

If we get a dollar for every “oh, well here we go again” mentioned on social media, we’d… Well Dodgers Nation would quite a few dollar bills lying around.

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All that said, it’s completely understand after this clusterbomb of an offseason to wonder if the franchise is forever touched by Murphy’s Law. So, when the Dodgers announced a mystery press conference set for Thursday and half the release was written in Japanese, it didn’t take long for people to start putting two and two together.

Here are a few examples from those who’ve deal with a few Dodgers press releases:

Shaikin certainly makes the press conference newsworthy by bringing up Maeda, but as many point out in the replies to this tweet, the conference could also be regarding Alex Anthopolous’ joining the team.

So, here’s Mark Saxon with the full-on spoiler alert:

I don’t know, Mark, but we’re definitely intrigued. I won’t jinx anything, but this certainly sounds promising.

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