It was the busiest week of the offseason in Major League Baseball, and here were the top headlines surrounding the Dodgers:

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  • Andrew Friedman knows the Diamondbacks are coming after the Dodgers. [LA Times]
  • Houston Mitchell explained why the winter meetings were disaster for L.A. [LA Times]
  • Mike Petriello wrote that even though the Diamondbacks appear to be much improved, the season doesn’t start in September. [Dodgers Digest]
  • Hisashi Iwakuma is a modestly-priced addition to the Dodgers’ rotation. [LA Times]
  • The Dodgers’ coaching staff — among all levels — is quickly taking shape. [True Blue LA]

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  • A trade for Aroldis Chapman is a “non-starter”, writes Howard Cole. [Forbes]
  • Zack Greinke nearly signed elsewhere  (with the Dodgers perhaps?) before the Diamondbacks swooped in at the last second. [ESPN]
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  1. StevenBell4

    Question: Since when was patience a virtue when it comes to free agents? As seen on numerous occasions this offseason, that is not the case. The early bird catches, etc and the Cubs, D-Backs, Red Sox and Mariners have shown that. The FO needs to stop sitting on their hands and get a handle on this.

  2. LucianoBeltran

    I am confused about what the Dodgers are doing to improve their team for this coming season. Right now, on paper with the Giants just signing Cueto, I predict that the Diamondbacks or Giants will win the NL west and the Dodgers will end up in third place.


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