The final roster cuts are being made as Opening Day continues to draw closer and closer, but there are still some things that the Dodgers have to figure out roster-wise. Plus, there have been encouraging results from Joc Pederson’s new batting stance. Read about that and more in today’s Dodgers Credits:

Dodgers Nation

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  • Carl Crawford and Austin Barnes will benefit from Andre Ethier’s leg injury. [Dodgers Digest]
  • Yasiel Puig also needs to be an “iron man” during Ethier’s absence. [True Blue LA]

Dodgers National

  • Contrary to what many think, the Dodgers aren’t wasting Clayton Kershaw’s prime years. [Fangraphs]
  • If Scott Kazmir struggles, Julio Urias deserves the call, writes Seth Gruen. [Bleacher Report]
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