It’s the age-old question, really: If something isn’t posted on social media, did it ever happen at all? If you think about it, this falls in line with if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a sound at all?

We here at Dodgers Nation ask all the tough questions, but we’re not alone in doing so.

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Scott Van Slyke couldn’t help but wonder this very thing, but asked about baseball players and their offseason workouts.

Couldn’t you picture Van Slyke sitting there after a tough workout of his own, scrolling through Twitter only to find all the players he follows bragging about how hard they’re working?

No one likes that guy. You know who I’m talking about: The “Let’s get it!” dude, or the “New Year new me!” girl who has to give updates on her new self via selfie at any given moment.

Don’t be that person. Just don’t.

The Dodgers have one of those, though, and his name is Joc Pederson. He defended his position with:

Alright, then.

Finally, a Dodgers social media tussle wouldn’t be complete without Kike Hernandez chiming in:

KIKE, NOOOO… At least he’s keeping that in the privacy of a direct message.

Van Slyke responded to Kike by asking the latter to prove it, but really, no one needs to see that. We know Hernandez gets his fill of fiber via all those bananas.

Hurry back, baseball.

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