In an interview with MLB Network, Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Yasiel Puig has announced that he will represent Mexico in the World Baseball Classic in 2017. But Puig is Cuban, why isn’t he playing for the Cuban national team?

During Puig’s journey to the United States, he stopped in Mexico for a duration and was able to reach the U.S. Puig feels that this is a honor that Mexico has accepted him to participate in the World Baseball Classic with the Mexican-born players.

Like many Cuban born baseball players, they have left their country for all of the same reasons, oppression. Many of them have expressed their concerns about Cuba and are thankful that baseball saved their lives. That is the case for Yasiel Puig.

Has Yasiel Puig Learned Enough this Season to Lift the Dodgers?

Dodger Stadium will host the Championship Round of the WBC from March 20-22.

Dodgers Nation TV:

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  1. badglenncoco

    I’m Cuban… and you know what I totally get it. Good for you Puig 🙂


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