With the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series last night, 2015 is finally behind us and, according to ESPN via Westgate SuperBook, the Los Angeles Dodgers enter the season as odds-on favorites to win the title next year.

Below┬áis the complete list of odds for each team, with the Miami Marlins’ odds set at 60-1, meaning Las Vegas considers the job Don Mattingly took five times less likely to result in a championship season.

Dodgers Title Odds_1Dodgers Title Odds_2Dodgers Title Odds_3

The news seems interesting given all the questions surrounding the organization heading into what promises to be one of the busier winters in recent memory. The Dodgers are still without a manager and a huge reason for their recent success (Zack Greinke) will be a free agent with guarantee of returning.

One would have to think the oddsmakers are taking into account how freely the Dodgers have spent and will likely spend again this offseason.

Having essentially unlimited resources has its perks.

While the front office has made it known we likely won’t see another $300 million roster, cutting back would still leave the Dodgers with more spending money than most other teams.

So, this season will more than likely be a hectic offseason, but Dodgers fans can take at least some solace in Vegas having faith in the front office.

Credits: Greinke, Honeycutt Likely To Stay?

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