We’re just about a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting, so it’s as good a time as any to really start conversing about what this Dodgers team might look like heading into the 2016 season.

Who better to do so with that Steve Mason, co-host of the Mason And Ireland show on 710 ESPN, and frequent voice and face around the Dodgers and baseball on the whole. He was gracious enough to invite me into the ESPN Los Angeles studios this afternoon before he went on air.

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Topics include:

  • Fan reaction to Zack Greinke’s departure.
  • How does the rotation look after the eventful offseason?
  • The bullpen and how it complements the starting rotation.
  • Hitting, hitting and more hitting.
  • Howie Kendrick’s contract and the qualifying offer system.
  • And more.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for all updates on Dodgers news, player interviews and general insight. Thanks to Steve for taking the time today and look for him in future podcasts as the season rolls around.

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  1. wfmartinez523

    Nice pod. Covered all the major storylines and flowed well.


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