Say what you will about how the Cy Young played out (we did — basically, we respectfully disagree), Jake Arrieta is still a great story and even better pitcher. Let’s just hope pitching ability stays only on the field.

If he’s anywhere near as good at a sales pitch, the Los Angeles Dodgers might be in trouble. He’s willing to make a call to Zack Greinke this offseason to talk up pitching in Wrigley for the Chicago Cubs.

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Could you imagine that right-handed pitching combo? Yeah, I’d rather not, either. Quote from the L.A. Times.

“I think any team that doesn’t at least make a phone call would be foolish,” Arrieta said.¬†“I would assume a phone call might be made, at least. We’d love to have him.”

The Cubs are still reportedly focused on David Price, but have brought Greinke in for an interview. Either way, they definitely sound highly interested in bringing in another top-caliber starter to pair with the award-winning one they already employ.

For Arrieta, it’s cool to see there is no ego associated with winning the award and hearing almost immediately about his team wanting another high-end pitcher. Regarding Greinke, he’d still fit alongside any superstar ace given his completely lack of ego.

Dodgers fans have to take this as yet another team tied to Greinke — widely considered the team’s top priority this winter. Earlier in the offseason, Greinke’s return¬†felt a lot more like a sure thing. Just give him some time; he’ll field some offers and eventually find his way back to Los Angeles.

More and more, though, we’re hearing reports of the odds going in the other direction. If he does pitch elsewhere next season, and Arrieta’s sales pitch is successful, that might be a good enough to win him the Cy Young in back-to-back seasons.

And, yes, I’m being facetious. Stories don’t win awards. Oh, wait…

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