The two storylines dominating the rumor mill for the Dodgers have been Aroldis Chapman and Jose Fernandez. In both cases, the trade talks have hit a stalemate either due to negotiation tactics (Fernandez) or outside forces (Chapman).

An interesting dynamic regarding the Fernandez trade talks is the manager guiding much of the understanding of pieces involved in any trade. Remember that Don Mattingly guy?

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ESPN’s Buster Olney reported the role Mattingly has played thus far, which is highly intriguing and a huge advantage for the Miami Marlins.

The Dodgers are absorbing all of this and are formulating a response, thinking big, discussing a possible blockbuster for the Marlins’ Jose Fernandez, a deal that would be extremely pricey because Miami isn’t under any pressure to trade their ace now. The Marlins can walk from discussions unless they get the perfect deal, and on the other side of the table, former Dodgers manager Don Mattingly can steer them toward the best values in the L.A. farm system, with a working knowledge of how the front office feels about each of the prospects.

I can’t overstate how big an advantage this might be. Sure, Mattingly’s focus was almost solely on making the major league team as good as possible, but you can safely wager that he and the front office had several conversations about who might help him in the farm system.

There has to be a link, therefore, between Mattingly’s understanding of Corey Seager (both on the field having coached him and from how the front office value him) and the Marlins repeatedly requesting he’d be involved in any trade for Fernandez.

You could make the argument that no one on either side has anywhere near Mattingly’s understanding of the opposition’s pieces, which, again, is an insane advantage for Miami.

Lastly, on a personal level, it has to somewhat enjoyable for Mattingly to watch his former employer squirm as the asking price at least at first is so incredible.

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  1. Tommy Lasordid

    ” I can’t overstate how big an advantage this might be.” I think you already have. What advantage do the Marlins have knowing that the Dodgers are not willing to trade Seager? The Dodgers will tell them that willingly.

  2. BuffetBuffetmr

    It’s really hard for me to believe Donnie gives anybody an advantage in anything, ever


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