Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UDPATE (Dec. 5, 11:15 a.m. PT): According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Texas Rangers discussed a trade for Matt Kemp with the Los Angeles Dodgers:


When Los Angeles Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said the team would benefit from trading an outfielder this winter, the natural presumption was Carl Crawford or Andre Ethier would be on the move.

Friedman’s remarks came after the Dodgers reportedly began shopping Crawford, Ethier and Matt Kemp, and since that point, it’s been Kemp’s name most associated with trade rumors. Of the three placed on the market, Kemp had the best season and likely would get the Dodgers the best return.

After a report on Thursday that the San Diego Padres continue to discuss a trade for Kemp that involves sending the Dodgers catching help in the form of Yasmani Grandal, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal added on Friday the Baltimore Orioles remain in the picture:

The Orioles held previous interest in Kemp and their need for a bat has likely increased given the departures of Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis. However, Rosenthal notes Kemp’s list of injuries could be reason for pause:

Along with the Orioles, Cruz’s new team, the Seattle Mariners, are also involved in discussions for Kemp:

With Cruz now in the fold, the Mariners’ need for a power right-handed hitter isn’t what it once was and Kemp’s remaining salary presents an obstacle:

It’s believed the Dodgers would be willing to send money as part of a trade that involves one of their outfielders, but how much would largely depend on the players they receive in return. While Kemp may be a commodity teams are after, the Dodgers must also weight the cost of potentially trading him away.

Losing Kemp would strip the lineup of a right-handed bat that’s already lost Hanley Ramirez. Furthermore, no matter which way you cut it, trading Kemp would cause a ripple in the outfield.

Presuming the Dodgers don’t land an everyday right fielder as part of the trade, Yasiel Puig would be moved back to his original position and it would leave a question mark in center. Yes, Ethier is capable of playing the position, but he has his deficiencies.

Joc Pederson could be handed the reins, however that would place a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a would-be 23 year old with only 18 Major-League games under his belt. As for newly acquired Chris Heisey, he started in just 55 of 119 games played last season; only 11 of those were in center field.

Although it may not be the wisest of moves, the rampant speculation lends to believe a Kemp trade may be inevitable.

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  1. magikwyrkz4u

    Once again teams are trying to downgrade how valuable Matt Kemp is by bringing up so called “issues” in the hopes that they can get a better deal. To those teams I say up yours. The true Dodger fans know how valuable Matt Kemp is and our FO better realise the same. I personally don’t care what team it is that wants him, I say NO DEAL! And that is my final answer.

    • william gowers

      Exactly. They are hoping our new GM is stupid. We didn’t trade him before, why would we now that he’s almost back to form? It would have to be a hell of a deal for me to consider it. Somebody like Joey Bats (Jose Bautista) . But who would want to trade away someone like that in the first place?.lol no-one.

  2. william gowers

    Do not trade Kemp. He’s finally getting back to his MVP caliber self. Never get anything close in return and will probably have to pay most of the salary anyway. Teams are showing interest for a reason. They think they can get his talent for cheap because of our outfield situation. Puig + healthy Kemp is scary enough. throw in a van slyke/pederson platoon. potentially devastating. I’d be worried about ss more.

  3. william gowers

    Things I would take for Kemp…….From the Rangers.. Yu Darvish (not gonna happen) Beltre….maybe for Kemp and Uribe. Orioles…..Weiters would be fair. Adam Jones would be (but also not happening) Mariners……King Felix obviously but not likely. Iwakuma + Something else (very interesting). Padres.. Grandal + a few things…..take kemps salary+ a bunch of prospects and draft picks. None of these things seem likely. I could see Weiters for Kemp or maybe the Iwakuma + from Seattle, but don’t see it happening.


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