One constant goal this offseason has been to either maintain or somehow acquire more flexibility for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

While the biggest name (Todd Frazier) technically wound up in Chicago, the larger thing to keep in mind is what this might mean for the Dodgers moving forward.

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Case in point, via Jeff Passan:

Ken Rosenthal echoed the sentiment:

This doesn’t mean a deal is definitely coming. There’s simply no way of knowing that as of right now. Reports did come out during and after the Winter Meetings that the Marlins wanted an astronomical haul for Jose Fernandez, but that the Dodgers weren’t willing to meet those demands — especially regarding Corey Seager.

Now, with pitching prospects like Frankie Montas, Julio Urias and Jose de Leon, the Dodgers can meet bring more to the negotiation table without even mentioning Seager, whom they consider a star in the making.

Again, while the more straightforward way to improve the roster and ease fans’ minds might be through free agency, the more lasting impact tends to involve high-end prospects, something of which the Dodgers continue to stockpile.

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8 Responses

  1. Arodc03

    The article alludes to a bigger trade may be in the works, perhaps for Jose Fernandez. No question that Jose Fernandez makes a good replacement for Greinke.  However, his attitude is a big question and could be problematic for the Dodgers.  As if the Dodgers don’t already have their hands full with Puig.

  2. ducoach

    With the high Latino fan base, young Jose would thrive. I would give up either Urias or DeLeon but not both.Then say “pick! “..
    Then Resigning Kendrick (he is asking for 3 years, offer2). He is a leader in the clubhouse.

  3. JeremyOrton

    I would give up Urias, Cotton, Montas and an outfielder that’s not Joc or Puig for Fernandez because of the upside that both Joc and Puig have and pitching prospects come and go. Fernandez will be a better pitcher than Greinke for years. He would give Kershaw support in the rotation.

  4. Arodc03

    Urias is special though. The kid is only 19 years old and already pitching at the MLB level. He could be the next Kershaw type pitcher. I wouldn’t trade him.

  5. ducoach

    Fernandez is 23, proven, maybe the 2nd best pitcher in MLB!! But I said either Urias Urias Or DeLeon . Since Seager is untouchable. You gotta give to get. I would do this trade.

  6. ducoach

    This would be great but sadly, not enough…another prospect maybe. Don’t get Either involved

  7. Arodc03

    Fernandez has also had Tommy John surgery at such a young age.  Any concerns there?


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