Trayce Thompson (son of Mychal, brother of Klay) came to the Dodgers via trade and arrives behind Joc Pederson on the depth chart in center field. He doesn’t seem to see it that way, though.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Mark Saxon, Thompson spoke about how he hopes things play out between him and the Dodgers’ current centerfielder.

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“I know I can be an everyday major-leaguer, but as far as what position, that’s not up to me, it’s up to the coaches,” Thompson said. “Joc and I are really good buddies, he’s an amazing player and his talent makes the team better. Hopefully, the coaches find a way to get us both in there.”

In theory, the Dodgers’ highest long-term ceiling as currently constituted (if another move isn’t on the way to land another outfielder) would be watching how Yasiel Puig, Pederson and Thompson grow together.

Competition tends to bring out either the worst or best in people. For now, it’s good to see Thompson is at least starting the process by saying the right things.

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  1. Michael Norris

    They are not going to trade Seager……anybody who even thinks that is living in fantasyland


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