The Los Angeles Dodgers counted down the top 20 Vin Scully broadcasting calls leading up to Vin Scully’s last game at Dodger Stadium. Scully closes out his 67th and final season with the Dodgers by ending his amazing broadcasting career in San Francisco.

As the end of the 2016 approaches many media outlets have taken the opportunity to pay tribute to Scully, who has had many memorable moments throughout his career.

Vin Scully will never be forgotten and will be forever cemented in Los Angeles history. Scully was given his very own day in California on July 8th, the key to the city and before the start of the 2016 MLB season Vin Scully Avenue was revealed.

Before the Dodgers took on the Colorado Rockies Friday, Sept. 23, Vin Scully addressed the crowd.

Dodgers Top 20 Vin Scully Broadcasting Calls: No. 20-11

September 23rd was the start of Vin Scully’s last three games at Dodger Stadium. In what was the beginning of an emotional weekend, the Dodgers continued the Scully countdown.

On Friday the Dodgers finally finished revealing Scully’s greatest broadcasting calls No. 10-1.

Do you agree with the calls that made the list? Let us know in the comments below.

No. 10: June 18, 2014

No. 9: September 29, 1959

No. 8: April 25, 1976

No. 7: October 8, 1956

No. 6: May 7, 1959

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No. 5: June 29, 1990

No. 4: September 17, 2001

No. 3: April 8, 1974

The Best Goodbyes and Tributes to Vin Scully

No. 2: September 9, 1965

No. 1: October 15, 1988

Vin Scully – The Early Years (1949-1969) Part 1

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