You know the old saying: You only get one first impression.

Well, for Justin Turner and Kenta Maeda, the former certainly left his mark on the Dodgers’ newest addition.

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Just let Turner describe the meeting for you:

Picture this: there’s Maeda, having just arrived from a completely different continent — let alone country — and who’s there to greet him? Justin Turner in all his glory, there in a towel with his hand out to shake and introduce himself.

The picture is pretty hilarious when you think of it.

And, because the Dodgers are one of the better sports teams to follow on Twitter, there was Kike Hernandez to add to the fun.

And finally, the Dodgers’ official account to finish off the fun with exactly how any normal person would probably react to seeing Tuner in a towel.

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  1. Michael Norris

    RobertWallace1  Depends on ones sense of humor…which I understand, but it is hardly news to the fans..who cares if Turner greeted the guy in a towel? This is the kind of mundane BS we get from the media all the time……and it is not news…the 2 trades yesterday were news./


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