Arbitration season has moved along nicely for the Dodgers, who have gone at a pretty nice pace of roughly one case per day.

That pace has improved drastically on Friday, as Luis Avilan, Justin Turner and now Yasmani Grandal all have contracts figured out heading into next season.

Jon Heyman broke the news.

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Grandal had a great 2015 defensively and hopes to improve on his offense now that he is completely healthy. He and A.J. Ellis both enjoyed solid seasons and, while Ellis is obviously  year older, one would hope Grandal’s progress might mitigate any slippage brought on by Ellis’ age.

Now, the only player remaining who needs a resolution to their arbitration is Kenley Jansen, arguably the most important of those who needed contracts worked out this month.

After that, one would think the focus again shifts back to seeing what kind of value can be found on the open market to fill whichever holes the front office might see or improve spots that might need upgrades.

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