We Have 3 Winners For The Contest!

The cards in the image are Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, and Russell Martin.

Since we have 3 winners, 1st place will get to pick the card of his/her choice, 2nd place will follow, and 3rd will get the last pick.

Winners in order:

  1. yanovich – Suggests we create a refreshing depth chart with bullpen/rotation as well. Labeling the players who are hot or not with colors.
  2. mikey – Suggested we implement a TXT message feature that would send out messages with news, rumors, etc
  3. kempfan27 – Suggests a scheduled weekly chat.

Winners please visit the Contact Us page and email the card you would like along with the address to send it to. (Mikey please email top 2 picks, Kempfan27 please email top 3).

Thank you everyone who participated and we’ll post the suggestions in a vote poll shortly. We want to see how the community feels about all the ideas!

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