Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dating back to when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, there’s been little love lost in the storied rivalry of the two franchises.

Both clubs moved from the greater New York area to California in the same year, as mandated at the time by MLB, that put greater distance between them, no longer a subway ride away, but the disdain remained.

Adding an interesting element to the longtime rivalry is San Francisco Giants infielder Matt Duffy. At Cal State Long Beach product, Duffy grew up an Angels fan and believes he may hold more hatred towards the Dodgers than Giants fans, via Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News:

I’ve argued that I might hate the Dodgers more than Giants fans do,” said Duffy, “because I grew up with it in my face.”

Duffy made his Major League debut last season and played in four games against the Dodgers, two of which were in Los Angeles, but none of them were as a starter. His comments, though not completely ill-willed or shocking in nature, puts another twist on the rivalry.

Last season, Giants pitcher Jake Peavy said he was already thinking about the Dodgers and leadoff hitter Dee Gordon during a postgame shower, and there were the two dustups between Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig.

While it was the Dodgers who won 94 games and a second-consecutive National League West division title, the Giants got the last laugh by winning the World Series as the Wild Card team. The Dodgers and Giants will meet in Spring Training on March 9, March 27 and March 29.

Their first time playing each other in the regular season will be at AT&T Park for a three-game set beginning April 21. Last season, the Dodgers won 10 of the 19 meetings between the two teams after losing seven of the first 10.


Howie Kendrick Compares The Angels And Dodgers Fan Bases

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9 Responses

  1. Stephen Lee Smith

    Nothing new here…Matt ??? Who??? I do not care at all…

    • Dominic Remaro

      The scrub? Just went 3 for 3 against Kershaw. He is 7 for 10 against Kershaw lifetime now. That’s a .700 BA against the very best.

    • Dominic Remaro

      Matt the guy who’s PROVED he belongs in the MLB. Has a 3.00 Average now and went 3 for 3 against Kershaw last game. He OWNS Kershaw. He is 7 for 10 against him and bats .700 when Kershaw is on the bump.

  2. ninjasarenameless

    My thoughts exactly. Who the F is this scrub and why should anybody care what he has to say? I have a feeling, or more like a hope, that the Dodgers and Giants are going to have alot of drama in the form of hit batters this year.

  3. James

    I get, he’s a young player trying to prove his loyalty to the team. But dude, get a batting average first, then maybe you can talk some trash.

    • Dominic Remaro

      He has about a .300 average now James. And went 3 for 3 against Kershaw. So… Yeah he owns the best Kershaw.

  4. Rick Lofaso

    It’s amazing how often I hear about “Giant’s fans and players hating the Dodgers”.
    They’re obsessed with the Dodgers. They will always be the Dodger’s bitch, at least until they win a couple more rings. (without PEDs, that is)


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