Behind the Scenes of Dodgers Team Photo Day 2020 with Jon Soo Hoo

Usually for teams and fans alike, team photo day offers a chance to look around at all the people that make the Dodgers organization so successful year in and year out. While this year was no different in that regard, it did look a little different than we’re used to.

…Than anyone is used to.

With the pandemic and social distancing, photo day 2020 had to be a little more creative for long-time team photographer Jon Soo Hoo. Thankfully, the Dodgers production team caught some of that madness behind the scenes.

WATCH: Dodgers Team Photo Day in 2020

As we see, Soo Hoo’s tier 3 access can only get him so close to the players. Apparently only as close as the top of the elevator! Jon admits he got some help on the idea and it appeared to go off without a hitch.

“This team photo will be ranking right up there because it’s so unique just to have this setup,” said Soo Hoo. “It just is what 2020 is.”

Hopefully, this is the last time something like this happens ever again.

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