Bryce Harper Signs with Philly, Clayton Kershaw Hits a Wall | Extra Innings | Blue Heaven Podcast

Reaction to the Phillies signing Bryce Harper to a mega-deal, and the perceived miss by Dodgers fans.

Sights and sounds at Camelback Ranch raise more concerns about the status of Clayton Kershaw.

Plus some discussion on what the now apparently available money could be spent on for the Dodgers.


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  1. sad to say but kershaw situation has been a red flag for at least the last three years…..he should have been phased out…..his usefullness has declined to the point of being a liability and preventing other pitchers from becoming starters…..he should be red-lined until he can pass a physical and be evaluated…Dodgers need to promote new players for the fan base and not see a past pitcher fall on his face…….

    • It’s time to say goodbye and give up on the pipe dream that this guy will ever be a World Series warrior. There’s too many guys waiting in the wings and not enough spots. I really like the young pitchers we have, the Dodgers have put an emphasis on mental toughness and other such traits when drafting pitchers under this regime and Im looking forward to seeing them come up over the years and hopefully shine in October

  2. Kershaw’s obsession with perfectionism may have been his downfall. Even practice pitches are pitches. Training to gain more velocity is still pitching. The man is human and his body has been giving him sign of that. No human can withstand the strain of professional sports without it breaking down. With some, no amount of training can fix the body. Even the strongest steel wears down.