Clayton Kershaw Gives His Thoughts On Not Starting Game 1

Just a little while before Game 1 of the NLDS, Clayton Kershaw was asked about this thoughts on not starting game 1 of the NLDS in lieu of Hyun Jin-Ryu.


My first thoughts while I watched this was: “Awkward.” I didn’t know what I was going to be watching, and I found it really difficult to watch. It’s clear he wasn’t happy about the decision, and alluding to “just want whatever my teammates want” belies even more mystery. Now I admit to being a Clayton Kershaw stan. I have been a staunch supporter of his for 10 years, and I tend to find fault in everything else before I admit to Kershaw’s humanity. That said–I also see this and wonder whether he’s being a bit over the top.

I don’t expect any player to keep their mouth shut and just give canned answers. I would have guessed Kershaw to be more of a “whatever helps my team win” kind of guy. His answer actually is more “Clayton Kershaw” than the answer I expected.

Winners Want the Ball

Of course he’s not happy to not get game 1. Legends want the ball. Alphas want the ball. Clayton Kershaw WANTS the ball. Ultimately, he may know deep down it’s the right decision. I expect him to be the first guy on the bench cheering when runners get aboard, or a Dodger goes deep.

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