Dodger Stadium: Aerial Footage of the Completed Renovations

The Dodgers started their renovations of Dodger Stadium back in November of 2019 with plans to be done by Opening Day. Those plans were obviously stalled a bit by the coronavirus, but the work looks to be done. 

In this aerial drone footage provided by John Kay, we get to take a look around the new-look stadium that we were all supposed to be enjoying this year. Check it out, as Dodger Stadium now features homerun seats and a beer garden in the outfield pavilions. 

During the last update, most of Dodger Stadium had been completed with some details missing. The picnic tables have been added into the beer garden and all of the centerfield plaza details appear to be put into place. All that’s missing now is fans! 

The $100 million renovations to Dodger Stadium was done partly in preparation for the 2020 All-Star Game to be host in Los Angeles. That game has already been canceled, but MLB has awarded the 2022 All-Star Game to the Dodgers again.

As of now, the newly renovated Dodger Stadium is playing host to the Dodgers during Spring Training and intrasquad games. The shortened season is set to kick off on July 23rd. 

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  1. I think that the company that was engaged in the reconstruction of the stadium could lose a lot of money, for example, my company lost a lot due to self-isolation. Many materials were purchased, they need a place in the warehouse and you have to pay for this warehouse. There is no income, but there are big expenses. But I think we can handle it and recover.