Dodger Stadium: Dodger Fans Can Stop Waiting In Line For Beer

Has the Los Angeles Dodgers’ play lately made you thirsty for beer? As of Monday night’s game at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers have made in-seat purchasing of the tasty alcoholic beverage available. Because it’s America, you must still be 21 years of age to buy beer. Sorry kiddos.

Monday night at the ‘Ravine wasn’t just the night that Clayton Kershaw showed he can be as dominant as ever before. All over social media, there were various pictures and videos of beer vendors going up and down the aisles with some coldies. People are clearly excited about this liquor liberation.

Since we’re in the business of bringing you the news, we had some guys out at the stadium Monday night to verify the truth in this report.

So again, when you buy a ticket and head out to Dodger Stadium; you’ll see vendors heading down each aisle with cold beer just like they do peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Whether you enjoy some Estrella Jalisco or traded that in years ago for club soda like myself; one cannot argue that beer is a huge part of America’s pastime.

The Dodgers have been on the cutting edge of improving your beer and baseball marriage before. In 2013, the organization began sales of frozen beer at Dodger Stadium.

The Impact of Aisle Beer at Dodger Stadium

The impact this has is that the in-game experience should be greatly improved. No one wants to head to the concession lines and miss a Cody Bellinger home run or Clayton Kershaw immaculate inning to grab brews for a buddy and themselves.

What other in-game improvements could the Dodgers or stadiums around baseball make to improve the stadium experience?

Without mention of anything in particular – if the Dodgers current trends continue – stadium beer sales are going to be up in the near-term.

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