Dodgers: A Deep Dive Into Trea Turner’s Playoff Struggles

Another Dodgers loss means another round of finger pointing at manager Dave Roberts. Specifically, his use of the bullpen in Game 2 of the NLCS. Roberts deserves some blame, but the Dodgers offense deserves the most jeering. At the center of the sputtering offense is second baseman Trea Turner.


Turner’s Playoff Stats

Turner is an utterly fantastic player who has routinely come up short in the playoffs. Entering Sunday’s Game 2, Turner had a .577 lifetime OPS in post season play.

Unfortunately, this October hasn’t been any different. Turner’s OPS stands at .457 after an 0 for 5 performance on Sunday. He’s slashing .200/.200/.257. To be fair to Turner, he was darn close to a double and a home run in Game 2. Problem is, close in the playoffs simply won’t cut it.

A dangerous speedster, Turner has but one stolen base in the playoffs. First step in stealing a base is getting on base. Turner is the only regular starter to not have recorded a walk yet this playoffs. His nine strikeouts tie AJ Pollock for the team high.

Traditionally, Turner has not walked at a high rate as a big leaguer. Trea had the lowest walk rate (6.3%) among the top 10 players by WAR this season. It’s not an issue when you have an OBP of .375. It’s a big issue when it’s .200.

Turner has also struggled mightily with off-speed pitches in strikeout counts. Of his nine strikeouts, six have been on sliders or changeups.

Final Thoughts

The Dodgers need production from their best hitters if they’re going to mount a comeback in the NLCS. Trea has the rare ability to transform an offense when he’s playing to his potential.

Roberts has talked about it. His teammates have talked about it.

Trea is the type of player that fuels an entire lineup.

If Dodgers are going to win four of their next five, they’ll need a full tank of gas.

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  1. Geez relax. Hopping off the bandwagon already?

    Did you notice Atlanta slugger Freddie Freeman struck-out 7 straight times in the NLCS and is batting .000

    It’s post-season baseball.

  2. When will you guys figure out that you win in the postseason with players who can excel during it, regardless of what their regular season stats indicate!

    Joc Pederson career regular season BA .231 postseason .279. AJ Pollock regular season .281 postseason .178! Duh!

  3. Just like Dodger fans and the very biggest reason that it bites me in the ass that my man Trea Turner got traded to the very piss poor team that may not have even been in the playoffs if not for Turner! If you don’t want his .325 average, 190 hits, and 35 SB’s then work a deal with an east coast team! I don’t want him on the west coast anyway. Who will Dodger fans blame next year. Go trade for Joc Peter’s son!