Dodgers: Alanna Rizzo Breaks Down Difficult Decision to Leave Team

The Dodgers lost a few faces that have been a part of the franchise for many years. There are the obvious free agency losses such as Joc Pederson, Enrique Hernandez, Pedro Baez, and Alex Wood. But the city of Los Angeles also lost Alanna Rizzo this offseason. 

Rizzo made the announcement on her social media pages this past January that she would not be a part of the broadcast team in 2021. She cited her desire to be with her loved ones for her reason to move on from the Dodgers after covering them for 7 years. 

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Rizzo talked more about her decision to leave the Dodgers. She explained that it was a very difficult decision and that she was incredibly grateful for the opportunity. But, she wanted to make sure that she got to spend time with her fiancé on the East Coast. 

It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I was never gonna be ready to walk away from this job. What could be better than working for an organization where you feel respected and you get to cover the World Series champions? But the baseball season is 200 games a year. There’s no time for anything else. My fiancé is on the East Coast because he has two young children who live here, and he needs to be near them. It was just so hard to get our schedules to match up.

You have to respect someone that has such a great position within the sports industry but prioritizes the people they love over work. Rizzo leaves the Dodgers in good hands, with Kirsten Watson taking over as the on-field reporter. Alanna is ready to move on, but also said she would always be rooting for LA. 

I prioritized my personal life for once, and as sad as I am to leave Los Angeles, I knew for me it was the right thing to do.

Alanna also talked about conversations she had with Dodgers representatives leading up to the decision. That would include Ned Colletti, someone that she says she is very close to. Colletti advised that putting her focus on her family was what is most important. 

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We always wish you the best Alanna, and we’re very thankful for the years of hard work and dedication to the team that we love so much. 

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    • She’s already addressed that.

      “Good morning. Because some folks like to twist things around & sensationalize things, I wanted to be clear. I did NOT leave the #Dodgers because of unwelcome advances or fan harassment. I granted @jphoornstra that interview to shed light that it does exist and happens to every female journalist. My 7 years with the #Dodgers were wonderful. The organization treated me with respect & class. Harassment exists. I’ve dealt w/it since I was a sports intern many years ago. I left to be with my fiancé on the East Coast. It’s as simple as that.”

  1. Aw Man, I think I’m gonna cry. Its just not going to be the same without you Alanna. You Were Absolutely Great. Such a Professional. and a very good sport. How many times did you get soaked with Gatorade standing in the line of fire doing interviews with the games MVP’s. but you just played it off and continued with more Class than Gatorade dripping off of you. you are a real Lady. and were an Elegant and Beautiful, shining star for the Dodgers. speaking for all Dodgers fans, we already miss you. Your fiance is a lucky guy. Thank You so much for everything. Good luck, and God Bless You.

  2. Her fiance is former big leaguer Chris Iannetta, who retired last August with career earnings of approximately $40 million. In short, she left her Dodger job because she could afford to. More power to her, but it would be refreshing if she was just honest about it instead of the usual “difficult decision” or “prioritizing my personal life” nonsense. I’m sure it was a really easy decision once he decided to stop playing.

  3. Sick of hearing about this old news. Her departure has probably gotten more press than when
    Gehrig left the Yankees. Bye Alanna, and best wishes. The Dodgers should still be able to compete without you, even if the media that is infatuated with you think not.