Dodgers: Andre Ethier Has Some Advice for Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers are going to see some changes in the clubhouse during the 2021 season. While guys have gotten accustomed to social media and the access provided by the team, the experience this year will be new to many.

We’re talking about the addition of Trevor Bauer. The Dodgers added in the free-agent pitcher knowing that he likes to record footage for his channel and to provide more access for MLB fans. They were obviously more than okay with this given the massive contract that they gave him.

And from what it sounds like, most guys in the clubhouses he has been a part of have not had an issue. But former Dodgers outfielder and clubhouse extraordinaire Andrew Ethier has some advice for Bauer in Los Angeles. Dre made an appearance on am570’s Roggin and Rodney this week to talk about the shift. 

Obviously, when we’re in that clubhouse, and we’re saying, we’re talking, we’re doing stuff, that’s kind of a sanctuary there. So you got to respects guys’ privacy and just make sure you’re not getting anything or posting anything that could jeopardize anyone. 

To be clear, Ethier wasn’t just blindly blasting the Dodgers pitcher. He was asked what he would do if Bauer showed up in the clubhouse with a camera. These were simply pieces of advice from one former big leaguer, and Dre understands the value that Bauer brings the sport. 

That’s the great part about some of the way the game, sport, social media has morphed and come together is to add some of this access…I totally can respect that and see what Trevor’s doing. 

The reviews on Bauer from current Dodgers players have been great early on. Pitchers and coaches have already talked about what he adds to the conversation as well as the talent on the field. For now, it doesn’t seem like any of them worry about one extra camera on them. 

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