Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Alludes to Time Off for Some Players in Final Stretch

As expected, the team will probably take it easy on a few guys these last few games.

The Dodgers wrapped up the National League West this week, so they can sort of relax in a sense. The only real benefit to finishing up with the best record in the league is for boasting purposes, given that seeding doesn’t particularly matter for the moment. 

With that in mind, it’s sort of surprising that the Dodgers are still throwing their normal lineups out there. Getting reps is important down the stretch, but keeping players fresh for the playoffs is arguably more important. President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman seems to support that, and it sounds like the team might start resting the bigger pieces. 

Obviously, any time you play you want to win. It’s not something that we’re gonna take our foot off of the pedal. But I do think we’re going to really think through each of our players, our pitchers, our position players and think about what puts them in the best position going in to win today. So it might be a little different from guy to guy but that’s our mindset is to do it. Fortunately, we have depth, so even if we give someone a [rest], it’s another opportunity for someone to step up and make a claim for a playoff spot. 

Wednesday’s loss to the A’s certainly wouldn’t suggest that the Dodgers are looking to rest guys just yet. The only regular who got a break was Justin Turner, who was removed in the top of the 6th. Turner is nursing a hamstring, so his removal after 3 at-bats was according to plan for Dave Roberts. 

Other than that, the main cast was used for the whole game. Julio Urias pitched 6 innings in what will be his final postseason audition. The Dodgers also used the basic bullpen pieces in Joe Kelly, Brusdar Graterol, and Blake Treinen. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the next couple of days in terms of roster configuration, but expect more of an emphasis on health and rest for the regulars when Anaheim is in town.

The postseason starts on September 30th.

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  1. The problem with “resting” some of the “pieces” now is the same one with clinching early. It’s not like it’s automatic that you when you stomp on the gas again when the playoffs start that the car charges forward again. Sometimes it stalls (or at least it did back in the good old carburetor days). Besides we’re talking about a 60 game season here. I know this year has been all bollixed up for training and conditioning, but it isn’t a 162 game, five month season the boys just went through. With a three-game playoff, can you afford to not be 100 percent focused and ready to go in that first game?

  2. Most of the players have had rest days during this shortened season, so they should not be that fatigued. Also, momentum is a big plus going into the post-season. So, it might be good to provide a day off here and there, but make sure that you have a winning squad every game.

  3. The last few days of the season should not be a time for experimenting with new roles or positions, but that is what Roberts is doing just like every season. How can they need rest in a 60-game season, especially with the way he sits people on a regular bases. Besides, they will be off Monday and Tuesday (no games or travel). Better to be sharp than “rested”.

  4. Good points here., as we are talking about a very short 60 game season and on Sept. 24 we are not talking about the 155+ games having been played under normal circumstances where resting a player or 2 at a time would be ok. Besides I am not sure that going into that 3 game wild card series after perhaps giving away those final 3 regular season games so to speak due sitting out several key players, thus actually taking the foot off the gas pedal.