Dodgers’ Antics Thursday Night Were ‘Minor League’ Says Former SF Giant

On Thursday evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers merely made baseball fun. Indeed, in the wake of Bruce Bochy warning about ‘waking the bear’; and long after Max Muncy put a Madison Bumgarner pitch 25 leagues under the sea, the Dodgers had some fun.

Furthermore, they won the ballgame. And yes – during the contest – a few laughs were had.

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Now a former San Francisco Giant named Jeremy Affeldt – a left-handed reliever when he last played in 2015 – says the Dodgers were ‘minor league’ on Thursday night. This comes via a report on

Affeldt is approaching the 5-year mark of retirement, but sounds passionate about his disdain for how the Dodgers do things.

“The Dodgers, they always do stuff like that, they wear their stupid t-shirts or whatever; they make stuff up,” Affeldt said, referring to Yasiel Puig’s noted “Puig your friend” shirt.

That wasn’t all Affeldt had to say about the situation. The former reliever didn’t think the ocean moniker that Muncy thought of in the heat of the moment made much sense. Furthermore, he feels that only teams with ’51 wins’ do things like this.

“It’s easy to wear those shirts when you have 51 wins… and teams do have fun that way,” Affeldt said. “Basically, it was a stupid comment that made no sense. So, now you’re wearing a stupid shirt that makes no sense about a stupid comment. You’re not showing your intelligence there really, but I understand what they’re doing.”

Finally, Affeldt is not a fan of the Dodgers playing the Little Mermaid song. Someone tell Jeremy it’s called ‘Under the Sea’ and it’s a classic!

“It’s not just that,” Affeldt said. “It’s the shirt thing and then all of a sudden it’s the first inning, Bum’s coming out and they play the Little Mermaid song.”

To his credit, our good friend and talented artist Dieter Ruhle had a few beauties ready to go for Bumgarmer. See below:

In closing, why do these former Giants players like Aubrey Huff and Jeremy Affeldt care so much about this situation? Internally as a staff we posed the question to one another – and it’s a good question.

Help us make sense of it in the comments below.

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      • When a team is almost 20 games out of first and its only the end of June, strange things happen. First and foremost is unwanted sarcasm against your competition; i.e. the Dodgers in this case. I am sure if the situation were reversed, Mr. Affeldt would be as quiet as a Giant mouse. Second, and lastly, is for Giant fans to focus on their immediate goal : not the shirt that Puig is wearing, but putting together a competitive team that can give the Boys in Blue a battle. This is still the best rivalry in sports. Go Blue!!!

  1. Affeldt is relevant how? The Giants, current and former, cannot stand the fact that the Dodgers are (and have been) playing better ball than they are. “Antics” to me should include, but not be limited to, Giants changing pitching rotation to try and spoil the Dodgers 2018 post season chances OR the Giants’ fan base obsessively, fervently, chanting “Beat LA!!!” when the Dodgers play in San Francisco. It seems that the Giants need to accept that their ace does not own the Dodgers (whether it be to end our post season opportunities or tie a series.) And perhaps, Bumgarner should stop providing the Dodgers with ripe material to “have fun with.” After all, it was Bumgarner’s temper tantrum after Muncy’s home run that made no sense, regardless of what Muncy said. Sadly, this Dodgers-Giants “rivalry” appears to be heavily skewed on one side by very frustrated Giants team.

      • Fucking hypocrites… I live in NorCal, so we go to Dodger games in SF (unfortunately). When my son was a baby & my daughter a toddler, we took them to their first mlb game and wanted to get a souvenir certificate at the stadium- it actually says “the San Francisco Giants vs. the Dirty Dodgers.”
        They do that for CHILDREN. Morons.

    • Well put. Let’s not forget that these comments were made on KNBR, the radio station that at one time owned a piece of the Giants. That station is pretty much a propaganda vehicle for the Giants, and rarely is objective, especially when it comes to the Dodgers. Nobody outside of the loyal listeners of that station cares about anything Jeremy Affeldt has to say.

  2. If bum would not cry and throw a fit when something like this happens we won’t we having this conversation. I bought a “Don’t look at me” T-shirt when again bum started talker smack to puig. I understand your defending your team, but bum should keep his attitude in check and play the game and not start drama then drama won’t follow.

    • Bush league? What about MadBum’s complete overreaction to Muncy’s HR? If MadBum is going to act like a whiny baby, he’s gonna get called out. Now the pool thing, ya, that shouldn’t have happened. This coming from Dodger fan. But let the kids have fun! It’s happening on every team. Just not the crappy, sad Giants

    • Kevin—the big difference is that ‘offensive’ comments like yours—are filtered out by the sensitive McCovey Chronicles sheriffs determined to be a ‘troll’ on their snowflake fan site (which is so foul and classless by almost anyone’s standards). In Dodgertown—you have the freedom to express your opinion—even if you are a troll!

    • Giants might be classy but let’s not pretend Madison is… He’s horrible, the dude hit a HR off you get over it quit staring at batters to analyze how they react….

      • Sorry, but there is NOTHING classy about the giants. This is the team that way back when used to chuck batteries at So Cal ball players. Maddie throws his tantrums for no freakin’ reason and that’s okay, but goodness forbid someone actually dishes it back, and now it’s the other player and that organization that’s “classless”? Puhleeeeease!

        • Exactly–they are hypocrites and whiners. Bumgarner admires HIS own HRs. But batters are not allowed to hit a HR off him.
          I remember SF fans cheering loudly when Franklin Stubbs got hit in the head by a thrown ball–very classy.
          Also, they have an irrational preoccupation with anything to do with Los Angeles. No one ever chants, “Beat Detroit” or “Beat St. Paul.” There is a reason for that.

    • I completely concur, Daniel. Besides…..not to “poke the bear” or anything….wasn’t the question, ‘why do these former Giants’ players (or OBVIOUS “hater” non-Dodgers’ fans for that matter) CARE’ ?

      • Look what happened when they poked the bear! The big bad bear couldn’t even finish the 4th inning!!!! Giants fans STFU!!!! Madison how bout you STFU too! Madison you’re all bark and no bite. If you’re so pissed then do something about it and stop crying. Why don’t you throw up and in the next time Muncy comes to the plate? You’re afraid you’ll get tossed from the game? Afraid it’ll cost your team the W? You guys suck and are getting the L anyways so next time stop being such a pansy and do something about it Big boy! Giants fans how bout you piss and moan about the shitty team the Giants ownership keeps running out there!!! They HELLA SUCK!!!!

  3. “It’s easy to wear those shirts when you have 51 wins… and teams do have fun that way,” Affeldt said. “Basically, it was a stupid comment that made no sense. So, now you’re wearing a stupid shirt that makes no sense about a stupid comment. You’re not showing your intelligence there really, but I understand what they’re doing.”

    Yeah, dude. Nobody cares what your opinion is. Those shirts are selling like hotcakes. Bought a couple myself, and it hasn’t affected my intellect. Here’s a crying towel for you, Affeldt.
    Have fun, Dodgers. F*ck the haters.

  4. Sore losers much? They’re just angry they keep getting beat to oblivion by almost every team and that they’re standing is last in our league. Sucks to suck

    Also, EVERY single team has their fun. What’s the point of anything if there is no fun to be had? #haters

  5. They (Giant faithful) all worship the “snot slinger”. Muncy humiliated him with the bat……..Puig humiliated him with the bat…….that is what they are getting paid to do……..anytime Bumgarner gets a pitch just crushed he throws a tantrum……pretty simple, Bumgarner brings it on himself……..his childish out bursts are legendary……….there is a reason they all call him “Madbum”………so if doesn’t get mad @ Puig and start yelling “don’t look at me”……..if he doesn’t throw that temper tantrum and start following Muncy around the bases, prompting the “ball in the ocean” quote, there would not be any t-shirts, there would not be any music barbs, and there would be nothing to talk about.

  6. Giants and Affeldt are frustrated because their team is playing so bad. Most of the Giant players are not using performing enhancing drugs anymore like when they won all those World Series. Remember Melky Cabrera tested positive but so did two others on those championship Giants teams. There is no doubt Pablo Sandoval used then and is using now. The Giants are a pathetic team. All they do is whine like their fellow Pro football team the Forth Whiners. Furthermore I believe a number of their pitchers are using sunscreen to aide them throwing breaking balls. Cheaters and whiners.

  7. The “Snotman” brought all of this on himself, throwing tantrums on the mound like a 5 yr. old. Maybe next time he should just keep his mouth shut. As a fan, I love to see our players have fun with the t shirts. Go ahead and ‘ poke the bear.” Obviously the Giants can’t handle it.

  8. Face it, the Giants are in a serious state of meltdown. They are not only losing it in the standings, but they are losing it emotionally.

    With that in mind, I guess we can expect mindless chatter from Giants new and old. They are feeling the burn of the humiliation. Step on a mouse and it will squeak. The Giants are that mouse.

  9. Waking the bear? It’s more like wakings up a little pussy cat, get over bumgarner is not what he used to be, he is frustrated cause he can’t beat his rival team or any team for that matter!! GO DODGERS ??????

    • I bought my husband one and he loves it! They have them at Hope they get the new “ocean” ones too, I’ll definitely buy those too! GO DODGERS!! ????

  10. So when Grumpy Bumpy was staring down Muncy and barked at him to move it along after he dunked the ball deep into the ocean with the worms, it wasn’t schoolyard-ish? Really Affeldt? And who wouldn’t admire their 100-mile long homerun?? Talk about petty!

    By the way, when ATT park can only chant a very bitter “Beat LA” (which annoys me like nothing else), and not something like “Lets Go Giants”, it speaks volumes of who thinks they’re superior to the LA Dodgers! Can we just let SF split off and float away into the Pacific?

  11. Bum had another typical melt down again against the Dodgers and an old teammate comes to his rescue, like the Bum isn’t intelligent enough to defend himself or his own childish behavior. Pure hater, stay retired!

  12. What do you expect ? Bumgarner started mouthing off as usual. So we ask “ Jeremy who “? So anyway Jeremy , why don’t you hop on our bandwagon and enjoy our now “52” wins and counting… Because the Giants won’t be there anytime soon.

  13. The Dodgers were just having fun and the organist was just trying to get under the Giants’ skin a little. So I don’t see where the Giants have a beef. But if there is one I don’t think that Affeldt has the wherewithal to put together a cogent argument.

  14. When Dodger pitchers give up a homer they chide themselves for making a bad pitch or accept that the batter beat them. When Bumgarner gives one up he gets mad at the opposing batter for not running around the bases fast enough? Which is the mature response? Not hard to figure out. Impressed with Muncy’s witty response to madbum

    I’ve lived in Northern California for years as a Dodger fan and it seems to me that a lot of giant fans hate the Dodgers more than they love their own team. It’s some kind of envy thing which, given the fact that the giants have had WS success a lot more recently than the Dodgers, seems kind of ironic. Go figure!

  15. Apparently he’s forgotten the giants making t-shirts that not only condoned, but celebrated, aggressive, agro, hothead, giants players. Like the “Fear the Beard” shirt for Brian Wilson, or the “Get Peaved” shirt for Jake Peavey, a Class A asshat. Hypocritical to say the least.

  16. Hey Jason Affeldt ….Who are you ! Sea how fun this is ( Get it ,Sea) . I Affeldt a little ashamed of making fun of the Giants today … Said no Dodger fan ever ! Take a 7 day cruise to Muncy Bay Jeremy ….

  17. Given the Giants divisional standing, wearing “Beat LA” shirts is what does not make any (and let me emphasize ANY) sense, Jeremy. Might I suggest that Jeremy suppress his Dodgers-envy and refrain from any further illogical commentary regarding Dodgers’ “conduct.” In the interim, I will (along with the rest of Dodgers fan base) continue to enjoy our Dodgers’ success and laugh when I listen to (or even think about) that organist medley of ocean themed hits. GO DODGERS!!!!