Dodgers: Austin Barnes Slams Cheating Astros in Return to Houston

Austin Barnes didn’t hold back when asked how it felt being back in Houston.

Any Dodgers player that was a part of the 2017 team is going to have mixed emotions coming into this series in Houston. Obviously winning a World Series in 2020 helps ease the pain of being cheated out of 2017. But there is still that lingering tension each time these guys match back up. 

The Dodgers are back in Houston and will play the Astros in front of a full crowd tonight. Naturally, all eyes in baseball are on this matchup. 

When asked his feelings on being back in Houston, Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes didn’t really hold back. It sounds like there is no love lost between these 2017 World Series teams. 

There will always be something weird there. Those games were important to us obviously. I know it was a while ago. But there’s something weird there. It’s different coming back, you just want to beat these guys. 

Barnes was a key piece of the 2017 Dodgers team that should have won the World Series. He obviously feels that way as well, telling media that Los Angeles should have 2 titles by now. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get over it. Winning helps obviously. If we never won a World Series that would’ve been pretty hard to swallow. But we could have been, not trying to go too deep into it, but we could’ve won 2 World Series. 

It’s tough to imagine that anyone around baseball will forgive or forget what the Astros did anytime soon. Dodgers fans might have a 2020 title, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we were all cheated out of another one. 

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The Dodgers player just 2 games in Houston before heading home to play the Giants again. The Astros will come to town in August for a series in Los Angeles. 

Austin Barnes Not Ready to Forgive the Cheating Astros

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Written by Brook Smith

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  1. I sympathize with Barnes on this one. As a catcher you are always taking measures to make sure signs aren’t stolen. But it’s hard to defend against a covert video camera in center field.

    • When Astros fan accept your title isn’t respected by anyone in baseball or any fan base then maybe. Quit crying loser.

    • move in lol ,,,tell u what,, think of something u work so hard for and i steal it from you ,,,and u couldnt get it back,,,,would u want to hear move on,wait move in in your case,,,,,no so shut the hell up …..

    • When your cheating Astros ball club tosses their ill-gotten WS rings in a trash can, we may move on or “move in” as you so astutely put it.

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