Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Has An Alternative For the Universal DH

The Dodgers’ pitcher jokes about what his team could do instead of the DH.

Dodgers fans are well aware that Clayton Kershaw is one of the few pitchers that people actually enjoy watching hit. While he hasn’t exactly crushed the ball in recent years, Kersh strings together some pretty decent at-bats. 

Kershaw joined The Big Swing Podcast with Ross Stripling and Cooper Surles this week, and he talked about the universal DH coming to baseball. As expected, the Dodgers lefty isn’t exactly a huge fan. He joked about an alternative that he had set up for the year.

I’ve already talked to Andrew [Friedman] and Doc [Dave Roberts], and the DH thing is fine. But when I pitch, they’re not gonna do it. They’ve made an agreement, they’re gonna let me hit. The other team has agreed to let their pitcher hit to make it fair. So we’re good there, I kind of worked that out myself. 

Kershaw was kidding, of course. Dodgers fans probably wouldn’t mind a universal DH given the powerful lineup we already have. But we’ve also grown accustomed to watching our pitchers hit over the last few years, including homeruns from Walker Buehler and Hyun-jin Ryu in 2019. 

Kershaw is a career .159 hitter, but he almost always gets the job done with sacrifices when it’s asked of him. Plus, remember 2013 when he tossed a shutout and hit a homerun against the Giants on Opening Day? What a moment for Dodgers fans. 

MLB and the Player’s Association were not able to come together on a financial deal but did agree on the health aspect of starting up a season. That was enough for Rob Manfred to mandate a 60-game season starting on July 23rd or 24th. Part of that deal included the universal DH, so we likely will not see Kershaw pick up a bat during a game anytime soon. He will, however, continue to take batting practice. 

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  1. I grew up an NL fan. For years the preference was to allow pitchers to bat. The game has changed in the last 47 years since the DH was introduced. The only pitchers that bat now are NL starters 2-3x once a week. It isnt fair that they are the only pitchers that hit and isnt fair to the fans to watch .100 level batters hit in the lineup. I don’t want to see it EVER. It is time for the fans to grow up. Unless they need to have a crappy hitter batting to take a bathroom break. That what the break between innings is for.